Life in London: Week 1

IMG_3444FINALLY I am in London. It is just as fantastic a place as I anticipated it to be and I’m thrilled to be here. This place is just brimming with opportunity and I can’t help but see myself here for awhile.

Arriving here about 6:30 AM on May 2nd, I was picked up and taken to my residence which took about an hour and the driver took me past a bunch of sights so I got to see a lot of the city right away. However, when I got to where I’m staying there was no one to let me in despite the program assuring me that there would in fact be someone. I ended up waiting an hour in the driver’s car, just sitting there with a phone that didn’t work in this country, no food, completely exhausted, and no idea when I would be let into my new home. The driver felt so bad for me, he gave me a Fanta he had surely bought for himself and tried to connect my phone to his phone’s hotspot but to no avail. He expressed multiple times how ridiculous it was that there wasn’t someone already waiting on me when we got there. A person finally arrived and let me in. This was not the first time (and definitely not the last time) the program had planned and communicated very poorly. But I didn’t give it too much energy because 1. I finally got to London after going through so much to get there and 2. I had no energy left to give.

And so began my London adventure… Continue reading